Craziest things I have done and experienced in America

It was 3 am, my cough won't let me sleep, and a song played on my Spotify which brought me back to Cedar Point Amusement Park — the roller coaster capital of the world; the place where I had my internship more than two years ago. I wasn't really that active with blogging when I [...]


America’s all fun & games until people started throwing eggs at you just because

When we talk about internships abroad, people would automatically tell you how great of an opportunity that is. They would congratulate you for passing the visa interview; would tell you how they are so excited for you; but one thing they wouldn't tell you is the danger you are about to face when you're finally [...]

Sandusky, OH: Empty Roads – Almost

Greetings from Sandusky, Ohio! For those who do not know, I'm currently here for my Summer Work and Travel Program and I will be in the United States 'til June 2015. Anyway, mornings in Sandusky are immensely cold yet me and my friend, Che, managed to talk a walk outside in just our tshirt, sweatshirt and pajamas. And [...]