Things I Know I’m Good At

List #3: List the things that you are really good at/with

Answering this list feels like I’m on a job interview but here we go.

I am good with multimedia. I love taking photos and videos, compiling, and editing them. In fact, Multimedia Arts has been one of my choices way back college. And even if I didn’t pursue it, I know I’m practicing it now by taking photos and videos, and being creative with them after.

I am good at listening to people. My friends would always come to me whenever they have problems. They share their feelings, their stories, and ask me what my thoughts and opinions are about it after. To be honest, it’s self-fulfilling especially when they tell you that they’re okay after talking with you.  Just by knowing that they trust you and they look forward on what you tell them is already very heart-warming. I know that I am good at making people feel better.

I am good at singing. I may not be the best singer out there because I am not a soprano, hindi ako marunong bumirit, but I know that my voice is good enough to make my man fall harder for me. chAROT!

I am good at writing. I can express my ideas better with writing than speaking. I’m still practicing, but I know I’m getting better.

I am good at reading. I read fast. Siguro that’s also one of the reasons why I fell in love with reading. I remember one time, my friend showed me something tapos just a few seconds palang, tumawa na agad ako. Tapos sabi n’ya, “Tapos mo na? Nabasa mo na agad ‘yun? Bilis naman!” Hahahaha.

I am good with computers! I am a Business and Computer Management graduate; my major is more on the computer management, and I love doing Photoshop, Programming, HTML, and yeah, all those multimedia stuff. Sir, Microsoft Office is also one of my fortes. (Pls hire me)

I am good at being optimistic. I always look at the brighter side; the positive side. Whenever something’s bothering me, I would just tell myself to not be affected by it. Simple. Whenever someone’s getting the nerve out of me, I would just breathe, keep calm, and tell myself that if I get mad at that person, it would just be me who’s going to suffer and not them. You know, simple things like that..

I’ve been really patient and understanding with everything that it would be very hard for me to get pissed or annoyed anymore. And trust me, this isn’t innate. It took me years to feel this good about everything.

Lastly, I am good at sharing stories. And I am already sharing that part of me to you with this blog.

These are just some of the things I know I’m good at. I may be good at other things and I just didn’t know it is “good” already, but I’m still happy I get to list all these. I hope that whenever you feel disappointed with yourself, list the things you’re good at, too. It would really lift your spirits up, making you feel better, and aspiring you to do better.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Love, Amielle

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