How My Days Are Lately

Hi! I missed having chitchats with you. How are you? How have you been doing? Today, I finally decided to do List #2: list the routines in your personal life and work. This post took so long because my life has been pretty boring lately. Abu Dhabi’s still the same; Ramadan just ended; and I’m still here. At home. Doing the same boring stuff every day.

But still, we have to keep this project going!

Let’s start with my personal life first.

Well, life has been great and I’ve been feeling super positive for the past month. (I have always been, but this month, I was extra.) My relationship with God strengthened; and I have not been worrying about anything at all. Let me share with you my favorite mantra at the moment. It’s a verse from Matthew 6:34, and it says, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” It’s a beautiful quote and it keeps me going lately.

As for my routine.. I always wake up around 11 am-1 pm. I know, it’s not very productive of me. But the reason is, I’ve been having so much difficulty to sleep early at night especially these past two weeks. I will lay in bed at around 11 pm and the next thing I know, it’s already five in the morning. God.

Anyway, the first thing I always do after waking up is to check my email and then send a good morning message to my loved ones after. Scroll through social media first (who’s guilty), then get out of bed and freshen up. Now, what to eat for lunch? If I still have leftover food from last night’s dinner, I’d just heat that up and tada! Happy tummy! If I don’t, then I’d probably just fry something that’s easy to cook or open up a can of corned beef or sardines.. Haha. Don’t judge! It’s almost 12 noon, I’m starving. I don’t have time to cook some afritada for myself.

Oh, and I always watch itsjudyslife or wahlietv on YouTube while I’m eating.

After eating, I’m back to my space where I’m just browsing the web on my laptop. Some days, I’m busy fixing my blog, doing plans, and writing ideas and scheduled posts; some days, I’m just binge-watching Korean drama, YouTube vlogs, or how-to-cook recipe videos. In between, I also talk with my family and friends. Just this week, I have four friends who came to me and told me about their heartbreak. I’d tell you more of that on another post.

Time flies! I didn’t notice that it’s already 5 or 6 pm. Time to contemplate on what to eat for dinner. (Taray, contemplate talaga? Hahaha!) I have been really trying to eat less of those fried foods, so I’ve been cooking “legit” meals for dinner. Always with vegetables dapat.

  • Reason#1: because I need to be healthy and fit. I’m thousands of miles away from my family so my mom’s not going to be around when I’m sick. Also, hospital bills abroad are hella expensive. I need to stay away from that.
  • Reason #2: I want my old weight back. I lost 6 kilos within the past year – I guess – and my BMI is now back to underweight.

Normally, what I do after eating and washing the dishes (of course) is do a short home workout exercise. Gain Weight Program at Home, it is! I went to the nearest gym the other day, inquired online on a different gym two hours after, and all I can say is.. NOPE, too expensive. I’d rather eat and buy fruits and veggies with all the money I have; and workout at home. I am super kuripot, everyone around knows that. I only spend my money on the things that I really need. Besides, YouTube is free. Google is free.

Then I have all my free time after. Sometimes I watch movies, KDrama, YouTube videos; or other times, I read books. Most of the time, I just scroll through social media before falling asleep. A very fast way to kill time. Oh, and sometimes if I get hungry at midnight, I cook potato wedges and pair it with my favorite mayo.

Now. Regarding my work life…

Well, I’m still waiting for this interview. (Update: it’s going to be on Tuesday with the CEO. Shocks taray CEO levels.) It’s been a rough month regarding my job-hunting situation but I’m feeling very positive about this and I’ve been waiting for sooo long to tell you all that has happened. For now, my only update is this paragraph. Just include a short part for me on your prayers because I’m also really hoping and looking forward for this job. Thank you. :)

That would be all for today’s list. I hope you are all having a great time wherever you are and I’m wishing you all the happiness!

Love, Amielle

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