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What Makes Me Happy Right Now

If someone would come up to me right now and ask me if I’m happy, I would answer that person with a big smile on my face and say “yes.” My life isn’t perfect; it’s not what I wanted it to be as of this moment; but I know it will all be okay, everything will fall into its right place.

So yes, no matter how messed up my life is, I’m happy.

Some of you may ask why. Or how. But girl, lemme tell you. It usually isn’t about where you are, what you have, or what you’re going through that makes you happy or unhappy. It’s how you think about it. You control your thoughts so everything starts within you. Don’t drag yourself much further down just because you’re struggling.

Ask yourself questions that let you see the brighter and optimistic side! What is that one good thing about this situation? What can I learn from this? You may not get the answers right away because your mind is still foggy and all that, but after a bit of time, when all your thoughts and feelings have evaporated (wow evaporated hahaha), ask yourself those questions again and help yourself find solutions.

I promise, when you finally get a grip on how to become more optimistic, being happy is sooo easy. And again, as what I always say, happiness is a choice! Tell yourself, that today, you’re going to be nothing but happy and you live up to it.

O ayan, ang haba na naman ng intro ko. Anyway, list#1 says: list what makes you happy right now.

First on my list is Wel. I’m just super happy that this guy is still with me. He drives me crazy most of the time – swear – as in siya ‘yung dahilan mostly ng mga moodswings ko but one thing I’m proud of is even though there are a lot (and when I say a lot, a lot talaga) of times when I was giving up because things are sooo hard, so complicated, so messed up, he never gave up. (Malamang. Kasi siya naman may dahil. Chos.) He would always tell me na pagsubok lang ‘to and we can fix this, we can surpass this. And I have faith in that. I have faith in us.

I also surprised him last Sunday kasi for some of you guys who don’t know, we haven’t seen each other for a few months na since nauna siyang pumunta ng UAE. I just arrived almost two weeks ago and wala pang time na magkita kami in person because of work schedule kaya ayun.. Hehe. It was a long seven hour drive (papunta pa lang ‘yun ha. At palagi ko ‘yun i-emphasize kasi grabeng pagmamahal ko talaga ‘yon. Cheret hahaha) kasi galing pa ‘ko sa place ni Papa. Tapos we only spent one hour together kasi super gabi na and long drive pa pauwi.

Bitin pero it was worth it. He’s worth it. (Kahit ang sakit mo sa ulo minsan bebe.)

Second thing that makes me happy is the internet connection. Not just because it’s immensely fast, but because without it, how would I be able to connect with my family back home? I’m a super family oriented person so just imagine how hard this situation is for me. I’m just happy I get to talk with my Mom everyday kahit sobrang long distance and we get to tell every night how much we love each other.

I’m also happy that I’m getting better at cooking! Syempre, pa-independent na si beshy j n’yo mga bakla. I’m happy that I’m learning a lot of recipes already; thanks google! More specifically, panlasangpinoy! Hahaha. Guys, if you’re also a beginner at cooking, I highly recommend that site. Super helpful.

Another thing that makes me happy right now is WahlieTV and Judy’s vlogs. I have been a fan of Weylie since 2011, and Judy’s since her itsjudytime videos pa. I watch them daily and it just gives me good vibes lalo na ‘yung kids ni Judy. Sobraaang cute!! Sobrang good way to start my day.

Oh! Ice cream also makes me happy! To be more specific, the Snickers Ice Cream. It’s frustratingly hot here in UAE that you just want to eat a lot of ice cream. Though trivia: ice cream actually warms your body temperature up instead of cooling you down.

This evidence is from Peter Poortvliet and he cites that despite the ice cream’s freezing temperature, it ends up warming the human body when eaten due to its caloric content.* Barry Swanson, a professor from Washington State U, also said that it’s the fat content in ice cream that actually makes your body warmer. “Foods that contain more fat, protein, and carbohydrates often heat the body up a little bit while digesting food,” says Swanson. “The sheer temperature difference gives a cooling sensation, but when your body starts to digest, you feel warm because your body has to provide energy to digest that food product. Fat is notorious for moving slowly through the digestive system so it takes more energy to digest that fat. Anytime you are putting more energy through the system, whether it be digestion or weight lifting, your body has a tendency to heat up.”**

Grocery shopping is also a part of this list! I know, sobrang adult ko sa part na ‘yun. Hahaha. I don’t know why but I actually enjoy doing groceries all by myself now. As in konti nalang, Benji levels na ako. Ganun.

I’m also happy that some friends come to me when they have their own personal problems and stories to share. It just warms my heart that they trust me enough to tell me what’s bothering them, asking me some advice on what and what not to do, or just telling me what makes them happy at that moment. I don’t know. It’s something. :)

Hmm.. What else makes me happy right now?

Aircon. Jusko, you don’t know what happiness feels like kapag galing ka sa labas tapos papasok ka sa isang airconditioned building. Aaaaahh grabe.

‘Yun lang! Posts about this project are seriously going to be lengthy ’cause it’s personal but I love posts like this. I feel like I’m just being the normal me, nagkwekwento sa’yo about myself, and you’re there reading na para bang magkausap lang tayo. It’s not just me who’s feeling this, ‘di ba? Hahaha. Anyway, I hope you’re having a great week so far! ‘Til next time!


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* – The Sydney Morning Herald
** – Time


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