10 Things I Learned From Living w/ Three Kids in Three Weeks

If you have been following me on Instagram or Snapchat lately (@amielledt), you may have seen how all my stories are mostly about these cute little kids and how they became really close to my heart.


I, gratefully, stayed with Ate Tel and Kuya Top’s family for three weeks and here are the things I’ve learned while I am under their roof:

  • Kids will be kids. They will do what they want and will not know that what they’re doing is wrong until you tell them so.
  • Now is the right time to discipline them because this is the time that they will still listen to you and not answer back with what they think is right. Discipline them until they are able to know the difference between what is right and/or wrong.
  • It is impossible to have an undisturbed sleep. I am not a heavy-sleeper and I am actually as light as it gets. I get awaken by the first ting of the alarm; by someone opening the door; by the first knock when someone knocks at my door. So basically, my alarm in the morning is a baby’s cry or the sound of kids playing. (Not to mention that it takes hours for me to go back or go to sleep.)


  • No matter how many times you clean the house, five minutes after, it’s back to its own beautiful chaos.
  • You can never eat your fries solo.
  • You will find a baby playing with water in the bathtub at 10 o’clock in the morning and you can’t stop her no. matter. what. (Because no matter how pasaway she can be, you just can’t resist her cuteness.)
  • Teach them about God while they’re still young. I used to tell Bible stories to Kaylie every night, and I’m so glad she listens. I even ask her questions about it just to check if she really did and her answers are precisely correct! She even answers me good moral of the story when I ask her.
  • No matter how good of a babysitter I am, I am not ready to have kids yet.


  • You will feel old and that’s okay. Because these kids will look up to you and respect you. And by chances, some will think of you as their role model so you have to be the most angel you as you can be.
  • No feeling will ever compare when the baby finally gets comfortable with you. Like she wants you around to carry her; to comfort her; to make her sleep when she woke up in the middle of the night crying. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Thinking that this kid right here finally gets to give her full trust on you and she wants you to be the one who takes care of her.


Being with kids is fun. Complicated and hard, but fun. It tests your patience, too, so if you’re up for a patience challenge, try babysitting for a day! Hahaha. I miss these kids so much. Who knew that just by being with them every single day for three weeks will give you sepanx right after you leave them?

Haaay! It’s okay for me to get an undisturbed sleep even for a day if they are the reason why.

Love, Amielle


Any thoughts?

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